Vision and Value

We are a dynamic company which aims at developing not only in the sector of courier and postal services but also at developing other services that meet the increasing needs and requirements of customers.


We achieve high quality of service through implementation of state-of-art information technologies, suitable company processes and the professionalism of our team.   That is why the client recognizes us as a reliable and secure partner, who overruns tendencies in the business field. 


 We recognize our clients' challenges as our own. We benefit from each other by satisfying their needs  because that develops us as professionals.

We work for modern postal services where customer is the one to determine the type of the sent and received postal item - physical or electronic, through ensuring its free movement from one form to another. We strictly and precisely obey rules, we are pride to be a good employer and tax payer.


M&BM Express National Post follows up a market development strategy based on three key objectives and the following principles for fulfilling them:


  •    Corporate users

The technical potential and company structure guarantee quality servicing of clients, whose correspondence varies from some hundred to some tens of thousand postal items per month. We face challenges as professionals, challenges that were set by the dynamicly changing traffic and constantly increasing requirements to the services offered. We find interest in discussing and work hard for the realisation of ideas for new services and improvements, aiming at ensuring the complete servicing of clients. We are flexible, we are easy to work with.

  •       Individual users

We direct our efforts to the excellent services at the access points. All postal items are obligatorily marked by a unique barcode and that is the way to guarantee they  are being followed up.   In this way the customer is aware where their item is at any time. We strive at building up trust and long lasting relations with all our clients  - no matter the type and quantity of the services they use. 


  •      Postal network

We constantly increase the number of our offices, that offer services to our  customers and the additional services we offer. We aim at turning the visit of our offices  both useful and pleasant for our clients.

Turning clients' priorities into a main guiding line for the business development is a key factor for the success of every modern company. That is why in  M&BM Express National Mail a large part of the efforts is directed to  benign procedures and high level of servicig both to the business and home users.