Vignette stickers

From the beginning of 2010 “M&BM Express” participates in the business related to distribution of vignette stickers based on a contract with the Company “Distribution of vignette stickers”. Full range of annual, monthly, weekly and daily vignette stickers for the respective year are provided in the post office network of “M&BM Express”.


  • К3 (Category 3)

- for vehicles for passenger transport with up to 8 seats excluding the driver’s seat;

- for vehicles designated for passenger and freight transport, including trailer, with maximum technically permissible weight not more than 3.5 tones;

- for vehicles of this group with high penetrability.

  • К2 (Category 2)

- for vehicles for passenger transport with more than 8 seats excluding the driver’s seat;

- buses and lorries with 2 axes with maximum technically permissible weight lower than 12 tones.

  • К1 (Category 1)

– for lorries, construction machines, wheeled tractor and others, with 2 and more axes, with maximum technically permissible weight 12 and more tones).


It is  Client’s engagement to specify the type of the desired vignette sticker . Vehicle data, required for the simple determination of the type of the vignette sticker needed is contained in the registration certificate (the main body). We recommend our clients to check whether the type of vignette corresponds to the vehicle’s category prior purchasing.

Validity term

At the moment of purchasing of vignette sticker, except the annual ones, the date specified by the Client, from which the validity period starts shall be compulsory indicated (perforated). This is the so-called procedure for validation of the vignette sticker.

The validity of the vignette stickers for 2013 shall be as follows:

  • Daily – 1 day, i.e. coincides with the date perforated;
  • Weekly – 7 calendar days from the date perforated;
  • Monthly – 1 month from the date perforated;
  • Annual – until 31.1.2014, regardless when they were purchased, they shall not be subject to validation.


The issue of a cash receipt for the amount paid is obligatory upon sale, as well as receipt with the registration number of the vehicle, type of vignette sticker and date of sale. We recommend our clients to keep these documents until expiration of the validity term of the vignette, in order to use them if necessary for cooperation with the competent authorities.

For more information about prices, types and conditions, visit: (Agency “Road Infrastructure”) or (Company “Distribution of vignette stickers”).