Insurance services

From the beginning of August 2010 "M&BM Express" OOD joined to the network of "Uniqa" Insurance Company. In the capacity of its main agent we offer the full range of insurance products, which are in the portfolio of the insurance company both in general insurance and in the sphere of life insurance.

"Uniqa" is one of the oldest and most  respected Austrian Insurance groups (in 2010 the company celebrates its 150th anniversary) which has been present  in the Bulgarian insurance market since 2005. The company holds international financial rate "A" awarded by Standard & Poor's.

We offer the following types of insurances:


  • General insurance (Cargo, Casco, Property, Accidents, Responsibilities, Crops, Live stock insurance, Financial loss, Guarantees, Engineering Insurance, Loan Insurance, Leasing insurance installment, Professional liabilities);
  • Life Insurance (Children and merital insurance, Permanent health insurance, Accidents insurance, Risk life insurance, Combined life insurance, Life insurance for borrowers, Rental (pension) insurance, Life insurance connected to investment fund).


The mpst popular insurance products in the Republic of Bulgaria are: