Hybrid mail

Hybrid mail or Outsourcing service related to printing, enveloping and delivery of personalized documents – it does not matter how you call the service. In all cases it is about high technological solutions, where the external company with proved experience services the letter correspondence of your company.


Possible applications of hybrid mail are printing and sending of bills for communal services, notification letters, account extracts, advertising materials (brochures, leaflets, information bulletins) and others.

The service hybrid mail starts with data sent electronically, or in other way selected by the Client. Next is generating and sending representative sample from client’s document forms. After their approval the process of their printing and enveloping shall start. In parallel to this our logistic team sorts the postal items ad directs them to the relevant destinations. Couriers shall deliver the items according to the rules specified by the Client – most usually as a standard postal item, sent to post box or against signature of the Recipient.

The Client shall receive feedback information within 5 working days after completion of the distribution, containing report for items delivered (date and time for distribution starting, date and time for distribution end, number of items received for distribution, as well as undistributed items). A compulsory part of the report shall be the description file of undelivered postal items for each case individually and the reasons for that.

As an additional service the client may request return of back receipt ad/or back documents. We are also flexible towards other specific requirements of the Client.


Benefits and advantages


There are many benefits and advantages for the Client. Part of them are:


  • Complex servicing by a proved leader in the area;
  • Ability for single projects or full outsourcing of the activity;
  • Effectiveness and quality;
  • Innovation – new services and individual client’s solutions;
  • Ability for distribution of personalized information;
  • Consultancy and integration services;
  • Confidentiality (the company has a certificate for personal data operator);
  • Security and reliability (closed information environment);
  • Accountancy and monitoring in real time.

Professional experience


The company team has large practical experience towards development, integration and subsequent implementation of corporative business solutions and projects of large organizations. Among company’s clients is one of the most major Bulgarian companies: financial institutions and banks, state structures, car and insurance companies, leasing companies, store chains and others. Our professionalism is highly valued by international investors, which are present in the business of the country.





Insertion of personalized client’s questionnaires for determination of the level of client’s satisfaction is of the newest additional services. Our team collects, processes and summarizes the results from inquiry and then creates an archive of client’s document in electronic type and develops a mechanism for fast search and access. The service has already enjoyed a wide popularity due to the uniqueness of the number of the personal questionnaires processed – sometimes reaching over a million.

Document creation


Specialized software platform shall ensure preliminary processing of variable data and their formatting in electronic documents (upon request we may develop an individual client high professional document design). For Client’s convenience he/she shall be able to provide the variable data in various formats – XML, flatfile, EDI/EDIFACT etc. We shall validate (check their accuracy and consistency), sort and group them through geographic information system. In this way the delivery to the end clients shall be significantly improved and optimized – the speed shall be increased and the errors in distribution shall be minimized.


Trans Promo

Specialized software platform allows creation of individual transaction – promotional products with high information and aesthetic values, which we print with highest graphic standard.



Our clients receive good and flexible solutions depending on their individual needs.
Our team is able to provide high qualified assistance (know-how and advice) and upon development and implementation of new applications in the field of new technologies.
Along with this, we respond to the changes requested by the Client as quick as possible. We could praise ourselves with one of the shortest terms in Europe for servicing of a request for change: for graphic changes, insertion of brochures – within the same day, for non-structural changes – up to one day, for changes concerning the rules for document preparation and structure of initial data – up to three days.


Printing and enveloping

We offer our clients centralized coordination and data processing as well as decentralized printing and enveloping. The benefits of this approach are significant - flexibility of logistic process and ability to start the postal item distribution up to 4 hours after their printing.
The Company has equipped own printing centers in the cities of: Sofia and V. Tarnovo. There are 2 complete sets of printing and enveloping equipment available for clients, 24x7 autonomy and replace ability of systems and information security ensured with own VPN environment. Work capacity of the equipment is over 2 million pages per day and over 1 million envelopes per day for enveloping. Automated enveloping process ensures ability for print sorting in various criteria, automated enveloping of documents, and insertion of additional printing or advertising materials. We carry out continuous control over the performance of activities on printing and enveloping.



In order to carry out the distribution the Company has individual license for performing services in the scope of the universal postal service and certificate for performance of non-universal postal services. It has spread national coverage – offices, employees and transport vehicles  for ensuring the quality and timely performance of the service.


For client’s convenience we have also provided:


  • ·      National contact phone 0700 10 100;
  • ·      Automated system for claim servicing;
  • ·      Complete tracking ability of postal items



The Company provides a report for delivered postal items (date ad time for starting of distribution, date ad time for completing the distribution, number of items received for distribution), as well as a report for undelivered (total number and reason for non-delivery of each postal item).


Information security


Each company needs high level of information protection and we provide it. We have a certificate for personal data administrator No. 0006532/09.06.2005, issued by the Committee for personal data protection. The company is certified under  ISO 27001:2005 (information security).

Data subject to printing shall be processed in the print center in Sofia, which has a managing role towards the other print centers. Thus, only in Sofia and with limited number of specialists is working with the client’s database. A system with card access is also developed, ensuring access only for persons working on the respective project.


Printing centers M&BM Express
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