Direct mail

Direct mail is a postal item, containing identical notice addressed to a certain number of recipients, which aims at advertising or marketing. This is one of the most often used forms of direct marketing through which marketing messages reach certain group of recipients as a physical postal item.


New! As considered from 01.01.2011 Direct mail is part of the large family of the so-called Non-universal Postal Services (NPS).

The following shall be submitted as direct mail:


  • Brochures, leaflets, advertising lists and other printed advertising materials;
  • Letters – invitations accompanying the advertising materials included in the postal item and containing information about the company offering the products or other type of advertising or marketing information;
  • Catalogues.


Each of the types listed may be accompanied by personal price offer, questionnaire for collection of marketing information, feedback information – telephone, fax, e-mail, response ticket, feedback envelope



The advantages of the direct mail as a communication tool are:


  • Measurability of results (sales implemented, feedback, etc.);
  • Ability for marketing research, personalization of relations with potential clients
  • Reaching users with specific profile;
  • Collection of marketing information about potential clients.





Direct mail shall be submitted in post office of “M&BM Express”.


“M&BM Express” services direct mail items with weight up to 2 kilograms, as the minimum quantity is 1000 pieces.


Guarantee for quality and timely delivery of the postal item is its proper addressing. The Recipient’s data shall be written in the bottom right corner of the item, and those of the Sender – in the upper left corner. Data shall be written in the following order:


  • Name, surname;
  • Street, number, block, entrance, floor, apartment;
  • Postal code, settlement, region, in case of international postal items – country.


Postal items “Upon request” shall be addressed by indicating the full name of the Recipient and post office of “M&BM Express” for receipt.



Direct mail items shall be delivered in the post box of the Recipient’s address if they are with sizes, which allow this.


In case the item is with sizes that do not allow delivery in the Recipient’s post box, an official notice (sticker) with invitation to contact “M&BM Express” for specifying the method of receiving of the delivery shall be left.