Postal parcel

Postal parcel or just Parcel is one of the most known and common services. The post parcel is a mail package, usually consisting of goods with or without trading value.

Parcels are part of the big family of the so-called Universal Postal Service (UPS).



“M&BM Express” delivers parcels with weight up to 20kg and sizes for each one of the three dimensions (length, width and height) from 10cm to 60cm.


Parcels with weight up 20kg and sizes up to 1m in  one of the three dimensions (WxHxL) and/or containing fragile items, liquids, etc. shall be indicated as burdensome. Higher service price shall be paid for burdensome parcels.


Guarantee for quality and timely delivery of the parcel is its proper way of addressing. The Addressee’s data shall be written in the bottom right corner of the parcel, and those of the Sender – in the upper left corner. Data shall be written in the following order:


  • Name, surname
  • Street, number, block, entrance, floor, apartment;
  • Postal code, settlement, region, in case of international parcels – country.


Parcels “Upon request” shall be addressed by indicating the full name of the Addressee and the post office of “M&BM Express”, where the parcel is to be received.


Placement of valuable items – coins, banknotes, monetary signs, traveler’s checks, platinum, gold, silver, processed or unprocessed precious stones and other valuable items shall be allowed only if service “Declared value” is added.





Parcels shall be delivered in the post office of “M&BM Express” servicing the Addressee’s address. The Addressee shall be officially notified for the delivery of a parcel by a “Parcel invitation”, which shall be delivered as registered postal item, i.e. against signature. If upon submission of a parcel the Addressee’s telephone number is specified in the parcel declaration, the same may be notified by phone.


Parcels “Upon request” shall be received in the respective office against presentation of an ID card.



The following items and substances shall be prohibited for placement in postal items:

1.    Drugs, narcotic, psychotropic, strong active and poisonous substances;

2.    Weapons, explosive, combustible or other hazardous substances or items;

3.    Improper products or such incompatible with the moral principles;

4.    Items or substances, which due to their nature or packing may endanger the life and health of the employees of “M&BM Express” Ltd. or of other persons or may contaminate or damage other postal items or equipments;

5.    Religious materials of sects and organizations prohibited or unregistered in the country;

6.    Movable cultural monuments for which there is no permission or certificate issued.

7.    No placement of coins, banknotes, monetary signs, traveler’s checks, precious items, platinum, gold, silver, processed or unprocessed precious stones and other precious items is allowed in the postal items, with the exception of postal items with declared value.


Additional services:


  • Advice of delivery;
  • Declared value;
  • Payment on delivery;
  • Upon request;
  • Acceptance from address;
  • Delivery on address.