The dynamic growth of "M&BM Express" to the position of a leading national postal operator is connected both to the established trust on behalf of our clients and to the company culture and implemented best practices for selection, training,  integration and encouragement of experts with various skills, experience and qualification.We believe that engagement and professionalism of our personnel lies at the bottom of our current and future success. We help them feel appraised and rewarded, we stimulate their personal and professional development.  In a fast growing and large company such as "M&BM Express" you can find realization in different spheres: management, finances, trade, distribution, marketing, advertising, logistics, transport, human resources, information technologies and communications. 


We are convinced in the importance of every employee's contribution and we strive at developing everyone’s potential. We are led by the principle: " Suitable person at the suitable position"; more exactly that every position needs specific knowledge, qualities and abilities. We are open both to proved professionals with the necessary professional and leadership skills and to young, ambitious and motivated people.  


If you wish to join  "M&BM Express" team  please apply for the desired vacant position. Even if such is not announced  you can send your CV for the desired job position. We will examine all submitted application forms with the due respect without  being engaged to hiring anyone.  



At the moment there are no vacant positions available.