About us

"M&BM Express" OOD is a privately-owned Bulgarian company which main activity is courier and postal services delivered to people and businesses.


The company holds a Certificate for a non - universal postal service and Individual license for delivery of Universal Postal Service from the Communications Regulation Committee (CRC), as well as a Personal Data Administration certificate  (№ 0006532/09.06.2005) issued by the Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP). That is the way the company guarantees its clients reliable and secure servicing, complete accountancy and confidentiality of the submitted information.  

Today "M&BM Express" Ltd. is a national postal operator with an all-out own regional structure. The company successfully develops and establishes the brand National M&BM Express Mail which customers know for its excellent level of service, individual approach and its personnel professionalism. 


The following services are offered at the company's offices:


  • Money transfer and financial services including receiving and sending of money; bank accounts transfers, including budgetary; 
  • Payment of utilities, local taxes, penalties, etc;
  • Insurance agency - our clients can approach the full range of general and life insurance products and services offered by the leading European insurance company UNIQA. 
  • Distribution of vignettes
  • Copy services


M&BM Express National Post is the first in the country to offer an every day twelve- hour access to its services ( eleven-hour service on Sunday) through the initiative for establishing mail offices at Kaufland hypermarkets. The project which was launched at the end of 2009 is unique by nature for Bulgaria. Customers have the opportunity to access all type of services at one place, 7 days a week. Currently, the company has established 9 postal offices at Kaufland and is gradually opening offices in the whole supermarket chain until it reaches its full coverage.